K-State Engineering Extension is a 100% grant-funded organization, receiving no state funds through Kansas State University. Consequently, we must apply for grants that are within our mission and area of expertise. Currently, we have projects that are funded through the Kansas Corporation Commission, the Department of Energy, and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) is our primary financial partner. The KCC houses the state energy office, which administers programs and connects Kansans to objective information about energy conservation, energy efficiency, and alternative energy. The KCC is a recipient of the DOE state energy program grant, which is then used to fund, in part, the K-State Engineering Extension’s Kansas Energy Program.

The Department of Energy (DOE) provides funding to the state energy office through a DOE state energy program (SEP) grant. From its website, the DOE SEP provides funding and technical assistance to states, territories, and the District of Columbia to enhance energy security, advance state-led energy initiatives, and maximize the benefits of decreasing energy waste.

In February 2017, the Kansas Wind Application Center transitioned to the Kansas Energy Program through funding from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Wind for Schools Project. From its website, the goals of the Wind for Schools Project include improving wind energy workforce development; introducing teachers and students to wind energy; equipping college juniors and seniors with an education in wind energy applications; and engaging communities in wind energy applications, benefits, and challenges.