K-12 Energy Benchmarking Webinar

Project-based learning opportunity for Kansas schools: We have started a new K-12 Energy Benchmarking program, where we will be assisting schools with benchmarking their energy use in Energy Star Portfolio Manager and then identifying opportunities for improvement. Now is a great time to get started for the next school year! Here’s how the program works:

  • For the summer, we will focus on establishing a baseline for your building by obtaining utility bills (at least 12 months of electric, natural gas, and water) and entering the energy use data into the Portfolio Manager database.

  • We will then work with you to figure out how to best incorporate this project at your school during the next school year. This part is flexible and totally up to you. Ideally, we would like a group or class of students to take over data entry, learn how to analyze the information, conduct energy audits, and even present their findings to teachers and school administrators. We are here to help during this process!

  • Energy auditing equipment will be available for loan (infrared cameras, light meters, data loggers, range finders, etc.)

The webinar was conducted on May 28, 2020, at 3:45pm.