Wind and Solar applications

Welcome to the Kansas Wind Application Center (WAC) website, a place where schools can come to find out more about renewable energy in Kansas. Although the Kansas WAC has been around for a while, we at the Kansas Energy Program (KEP) only began operating it in 2017. Its mission has evolved over the years. Take a quick look around to find out more about how we can help!

So what exactly does the WAC do?

The Kansas WAC uses funding from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and other sources to accomplish the following:

  • engage rural K-12 schools to talk about wind and other forms of renewable energy
  • assist communities in implementing sustainable school wind energy projects
  • provide resources to effectively advance science education in a way that is appealing and accessible to students and teachers
  • simultaneously advances education and workforce development


Here are a few programs and resources you might find useful:

  • KidWind Challenge
  • Wind for Schools (WfS) Resources (for Kansas schools with wind turbines)
  • Wind for Schools Dashboard (OpenEI)
  • Wind and solar resources (fact sheets, siting, links to national organizations, etc.)
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I'm Interested! What Now?

Call us at 785-532-6026 or email us to get the ball rolling. We’re excited to help you and your students learn more about renewable energy!