K-12 Benchmarking

The focus of our K-12 outreach is to provide no-cost energy efficiency education to Kansas public school districts. This is an opportunity for participating Kansas schools to save thousands of dollars in avoided energy costs. School districts will reduce energy use while integrating energy efficiency lessons and methodology with student groups or in various classes. Participating students will learn about science, math, and the environment, along with social and fiscal responsibility. A fact sheet, Kansas K-12 Public Schools – Getting Top Scores in Energy Efficiency, provides more information on the K-12 energy efficiency initiative. We will conduct onsite training tailored to the needs of the interested public-school districts. 

Let’s get started!

We will work with your district to implement the ENERGY STAR® K-12 Energy Efficiency Student Toolkit. While created for students to initiate or enhance their school’s energy management program, the toolkit is appropriate for use by staff and administrators. One model for implementation of the tool is to form an “energy team” made up of only students or consisting of a mix of students, staff, and administrators. The toolkit is a series of activities that walks an energy team through a sequential process to do the following:

  • Benchmark and understand your school’s energy use.
  • Conduct a school building energy efficiency treasure hunt to look for opportunities to address
  • Encourage your school community to adopt energy-efficient habits.
  • Measure cost reductions and finance energy-efficiency upgrades.
  • Share results of the program.

Be sure to download the student toolkit as it includes teaching and discussion questions, forms, worksheets, and templates. Additional resources for benchmarking and the toolkit can be found here.

To learn more about the project, watch our informational webinar recorded on May 28th, 2020.